Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 28,2009

Well, it's been a few weeks since my last update so I figured I need to get it done. There has been so much going on that it is hard to slow down long enough to do the daily things that need to be done. I am definitely not complaining about what is going on because it's all good and it's all God. We have been making great strides with the church on a weekly basis. Not that I would, but I can't think of anything to complain about. God has given us great new direction and we have many people that are hooked up with us and ready to go.

Just a couple weeks ago Laura Leigh and I took the majority of our leadership staff up to Greensboro, NC for some outreach training. We received the training and then went to the streets. The focus of our training was street evangelism. We are taking the gospel outside of the four corners of our church and it is already paying great divedends. In less than 3 hours we prayed with over 100 people and got 35 people born again for the first time! It was an absolutely amazing experience. These were not church people we went to, but people who were coming out of the clubs and bars and parking lots.

I do believe that the message we have and receive is a great message that we should be thankful for, but it seems that many Christians have forgotten that we have a responsibility to share the gospel to this world. We will become motivated now not just to fill this church with people, but we will be motivated to build the kingdome by winning the lost for Christ. Every church being full is a great thing as long as those numbers represent changed lives for Christ. We have so many things we are implementing right now that will only strengthen us as a body as well as help those outside the church. I am so thankful to have the staff and help that we have that are so willing to see the vision come to pass. Nothing we do would be possible without people to help who are sold out to God!

Continue to pray for us that we will be led by the Spirit of God to make the right decisions in all that we do.

Until next time,

Pastor J

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

These are truly the best days of our lives! The last couple of Sunday's have been absolutely awesome. The Holy Spirit has been moving more freely than ever and people's lives have been changed as a result. It is so great to see people coming down to the altar after being truly moved by the Holy Spirit. It is also great that many that we are seeing give their hearts and lives to the Lord now are people that we have never seen before. As the Lord has been dealing with me continually about what is going on we must understand that this is only the beginning of what he desires to do. The best is yet to come.

As Dr. Hagin used to always say, "it always pays to serve God." Everything we have heard all of our lives we are now seeing come to pass at last. It is a time that in order for us to be successful we will have to walk by faith in God and be led by the Spirit of God.

Easter service was great and the crowd was great as well, but there is still much more for us to do. What he is moving us into right now is unchartered territory for our church, but lives will be changed forever. We will now begin to see salvations, rededications, and Baptism's in the Holy Spirit like never before. The focus of every believer's life must be to win others to the Lord. We have not only been reconciled to the Body ourselves, but we are called to the ministry of reconciliation. Each of us are to do our part in reconciling others to the Body of Christ.

I have never been this excited in my life. The Holy Spirit is flowing more freely than I have personally ever seen. People are coming continually now. Finances are flooding in like never before! What is happening? When we put our faith in trust in God he will provide no matter the season. This is what I hear every single day. God is steady saying, "just trust me." As I have done this in a greater measure than ever before the results have followed. I encourage every single one of you when it looks like there is no way out, just trust God and he will provide!

Until Next Time,

Pastor J