Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17,2011

Things are better than ever! I know it seems like I say this every single time I write something, but it is true of every day. I am amazed, not shocked, because things are progressing rapidly now. I thank God that we have followed the Holy Spirit and stayed with the Word of God! The Holy Spirit will show you things to come and we saw what was coming way before it ever came.

I thank God that his word is true. He has said all along that he would vindicate his people and he has done so. We only expect it to continually get better. Everything at both the ministry in Bonneau and the one in Marion is growing weekly. Our attendance at both are better than ever. Most importantly salvations are more than we have ever had as well as people being filled with the Holy Spirit. We have had more reported miracles and healings take place than I have ever heard. The good part is that this is just the beginning.

I would encourage you to follow the Lord in all you do is well. If there are things in your life that you have let go it is time to pick it back up. God is still with you and will still help you accomplish his will for your life. There is no benefit in beating yourself up over past failures, mistakes, or sin. Ask him for forgiveness and the Word says you will have it. Then get up and go with the Lord.

Each of you are in our prayers!

Pastor J