Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9,2008

Time is drawing closer every single day. It seems like I keep repeating myself at the direction of the Lord. In every thing that I preach and teach the same message is coming up. I believe a great storm is on the horizon for those who have decided to live their lives apart from God. It seems like so many are paying no attention at the warnings that are going forth. I see now that this was one of the main reasons for so many erroneous teachings and false doctrines going forth in these last days. This is why so many Christians are scared to death right now is because they know what they have been teaching and living is not of God. It is time to get serious like never before! Many believe that things will get better this year. This will not get better for a nation without God, but will only get worse. More jobs lost, more economic woes, more families doing without!

Many ask me why I would say these things when I am supposed to be a faith teacher. I have watched so many Christians decide to do what they wanted to do instead of what God instructed them to do. Now they are suffering not for God, but for the decisions they have made without God. The Lord told me just a few weeks ago that it would shock me at who would become a part of this ministry in the days to come. The reason for this would be because of the situation and circumstances that would prevail in their lives due to their decisions to do as they pleased.

As I say all of these things our church members know this is not the mentality in our church. We have been experiencing increase in every area. This past Sunday was just another example. God is moving in the lives of his people that are obedient to him. It is so great to see new faces in the church weekly. It is so great to be financially sound and increasing as we watch the economy sour. God takes care of his people that submit to his will. Thank God for the fruit of faithfulness!

Please remember that we are no longer living in a time when we can get by doing our own thing! Let's get back with God! Jesus is the only way!

Until next time,

Pastor J

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3,2008

Well, it seems like just yesterday that this year was beginning and now Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is drawing near. As usual, Thanksgiving was very busy for us, but also very enjoyable. It is always good to see family you have not seen in a year and see how they are doing. Our family is doing great and God gets all of the glory for that.

As I have been saying for some time now I believe we are living in the most critical times of our lives. I know many have been predicting things to get better, but the Holy Spirit told me several months ago that God's word never promised us that he was coming back for a glorious world, but a glorious church. If your hope and faith is in the world you are in trouble. I have watched so many people make fun of the gospel we live and preach, but it doesn't seem to be so funny any more. It is time to get serious with God if you have not been.

I am so thankful for the ministry of my father that i was raised under. He was a man that refused to waiver no matter who ridiculed him. As a result of his faithfulness and now ours this ministry and our lives individually have not faltered at all. Thank God his word works in good times and in bad! It does hurt to see other people hurt and I believe we should do all we possibly can to reach out to them and help them. The most important thing we can do in these times is hold fast to the unchanging word of God. His word never fails!

Until next time,

Pastor J