Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14,2010

It is so amazing how God works! I truly believe that the only hindrance in our lives for God is our faith. Situations, circumstances, problems, the economy, or nothing else is any match for God. This very day we are doing better than ever before. God spoke to me at the end of last year and said that the last half of this year would begin the greatest transition period as well as growth period that we have ever had. We are seeing that right now!

In the next month or so we will begin some outreaches into other communities as well as other things that God has laid on my heart many days ago. The church as a whole has had to make a decision as to which way it would go. Sad to say many have chosen direction opposite of the word and the spirit. Thank God that it is our time to shine. Each and every individual that has not bought into the foolishness that is contrary to the Word of God can expect nothing but increase in their lives and ministries. I encourage you to stir up the gift of God inside of you because what God has promised he is also able to perform. Only believe!

I am in the process of having meetings now concerning the vision of the church and this will increase in the next couple months. Promotion time is here! It pays to stay faithful to God and his word. Be careful who you spend your time with for many have lost their way because of toxic relationships. Follow God and those that are following God and you will never go wrong. (1 Corinthians 11:1)

Keep us in your prayers as we pursue all that God has called us to do and we will do the same for you!

Until next time,

Pastor J