Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11,2011

God is good! I am so excited about what God is doing in every aspect of life and ministry. I would say that I am shocked, but that wouldn't be true. God is doing what he has promised us all along by his Spirit and in his word. I have never experienced God's power and presence in my life like I have in our services in the last two months. I think it is the most awesome thing in the world for God to move like he has been doing and see people's lives changed drastically. I can truly say that God is expanding us in every single way. We do not lack any good thing in any area. This has been our faith confession for years, but now it is reality.

This past thursday night we had our first Healing Service in Marion. We simply ministered the word of God and then laid hands on the sick. There were 64 people in attendance on a thursday night and almost every single one of them came up to be ministered to. This was nothing but God moving upon his people. We have received many testimonies since the service about what happened in their physical bodies when we prayed for them. It is so awesome what God can do if you will just yield to and obey him. The whole atmosphere changed as God moved in this particular service. I don't know how many people were crying after being touched by God that I have never even seen before. This is what ministry is all about; letting God have his way and people's lives being changed forever.

We are seeing the same thing here in Bonneau. We are having people added to the church regularly and even people coming back that had left for some time. Our finances are increasing more than they have in the last 3 years in a time where things are supposed to be worse. Thank God for God and for good people! It is impossible to accomplish much of anything without God's blessing and godly people to help you do it. I am so excited about what God is doing I can hardly stand it. You must step out in faith, but God will always provide!

What in you life have you not given to God? What direction has he given you that you have not taken? I promise you it is well worth it to follow his directions.You might not know the ryhme or reason behind his directions, but I promise you he only has good in store for you. God is good!

Until next time,

Pastor J