Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26,2010

How great God is! As we see everything changing around us we can take comfort in the fact that God never changes! He is always the same! He has always sustained us and answered our prayers and today is not different. As far as the world system goes it looks worse every single day. As far as God's system goes it looks brighter every day. Jesus is coming soon!

One of the things I have been impressed about in my spirit is to let people know what God is saying concerning these times. Yes, I know that God can speak to each one of us as christians, but he also speaks to us in different ways. That's why we need each other and no one is an island to themselves. Many people have been waiting on things to turn around in the world. I can find no basis in the word of God that this is ever going to happen. If we follow biblical prophecy we will see that things are taking place just as God said they would. We see things waxing worse in the world everyday. Do not expect this to change, but turn your focus to God like never before. God will sustain us no matter what is going on in the world system. So often we forget that we live in this world, but are not of this world. Provision is just as much ours today as it has ever been!

It is a time to check our faith and make sure that it is in God and not the world system or even ourselves. I have watched more people than I can count step out and do what they wanted to instead of what God instructed them to do and then also watched them fail. God only occupies what he designs. God always provides where he guides! I am encouraging every person that I know to take some time and examine what you are doing. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what God would have you to do today! God will never lead us wrong, but he also will not forcefully stop us from doing as we please. I cannot count the people who have stepped out and did what they wanted to do and said God told them to do it, and then they failed miserably. This brings a reproach on the kingdom of God. Yes, God will forgive you if you miss it, but he has also provided us all the direction we need not to fail in his word and by his Spirit. You and I are called and anointed to be successful, but we must following the leading of the Lord.

Thank God we are victorious in all things as we follow God!

Until next time,

Pastor J