Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All is going great. So many people complicate God's plan for their lives. You do not have to be worried or concerned about how you will accomplish God's will. It is just like following directions on a map. The biggest difference is you get the direction from your own spirit inside of you. If you are saved your spirit will never lead you wrong. To fulfill God's plan you only need to take the next step. What is God saying to you today? If he doesn't tell you to take another step today you just keep being faithful where you are. God knows where you are and he will speak to you when it is time to take another step.

Some of the things I have learned in the past several months are priceless. I am doing more and accomplishing more than I ever have before with much less effort. I depend less on myself daily and more on God. I realize that I am not under any pressure to perform. My obligation is to put my faith in God and walk in my anointing.

When we first started the Marion Ministry things were very hard. The actual ministering wasn't hard and we didn't have problems. What I am referring to is the added responsibility. This was good for me because when it got harder I knew this wasn't God's plan. I began to seek God more than before and I have learned how to depend on his strength.

Today I am more rested and relaxed than ever and I am doing more for God than at any other time. Both ministries are thriving and growing. Here in Bonneau we are stressing more than ever our responsibility to reach out to those who are lost. We are responsible to tell others about Jesus. We are responsbile to invite others to church. I am really believing God for more salvations, rededications, and people being filled with the Holy Spirit than ever before. As we have set our faith things have already began to change. The gifts are flowing freely in the church. Results are coming much easier. A couple of weeks ago we had 6 people come and rededicate their lives to the Lord. None of these were members of our church, but people who have just began coming to the church. We had a young girl get saved this past week. We've had several salvations in the last month. I thank God that this is increasing. We also had one filled with the Holy Spirit Sunday night.

The Marion Ministry is growing weekly. We had 42 people last week.The numbers are growing every single week. It is amazing to me at the way these people are soaking up the word of God. The flow here is more free than anywhere I have ever ministered. I know great things are ahead for this area as we obey God.

My family is doing great as well. I don't understand why anyone would want to follow and other plan than God's. I could not be happier than obeying the Lord daily. It is so good to know that God always has our best interest at hand.

Until next time,

Pastor J