Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009

It is so awesome to see all that God is doing! If we would only trust him the results would be continually amazing!

Since our outreach team went out on Friday night through the services on Sunday we have had 7 people give their hearts to the Lord and 15 rededicate their lives to him. I am so excited about all that God is doing that I am almost beside myself. This news is great, but on top of this we are receiving testimony after testimony of how God is moving in the lives of our people. I am seeing more spiritual growth than ever before. Thank God the word works! I believe this is what ministry is all about, changed lives! If we are not reaching people for Jesus we are accomplishing nothing!

When things didn't look so great many days ago we put our focus on God's word and his promises. When storms are everywhere the promises are still the same and so is God! We set our faith and begin to believe God. At this point we have surpassed every single goal that we set at that time. The church is growing weekly, the youth has more than doubled, our weekly income is surpassing our needs every single week. Thank God we serve a God that is more than enough! I literally do not have time to or space to give God all the credit he rightfully deserves! Just as usual he is doing all that he promised. If we will put our faith in him he will always see us through.

I have been in this church all of my life and heard about this vision. Today I sit in this church and it is unfolding daily before my eyes. God spoke to me in the beginning and said, "if you will give me this church I will show you what I can do with it." I have endeavored to do this daily and God has done just as he has promised. No matter what you are dealing with in your life I encourage you to just give it to God. God can when you can't!

To my church members: Thank you for your heart for God and your dedication to the vision of this ministry. Without a good God and good people great things do not happen! I recognize this and am more appreciative than you will ever know. It is so awesome to see each of you growing daily. I ask you to continually be in agreement with us for more souls for the kingdom!

Have a great thanksgiving and be safe!

Until next time,

Pastor J